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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Weepy Wails and Brother Tales

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had some problems with the Internet connection.)

15th October:
Kangaroo Kids reopened today. After the Pujo break, three of the four babies in our home are trotting off to school with bags on their backs and water bottles swinging from their necks. The Nephew, the Niece and my little YO. My EO is still enjoying his last few days of running me up the wall as he personally runs amuck.

A little recap for those interested:
~ The Nephew is 5+ and studying in Sr KG. Preparing for the big world of the Big School! (Yes, yes, he is older than my EO by three months, but I shifted my little boy out of KK and into a Big School for various reasons).
~ The Niece is older than my YO by seven days! (Bawdy jokes and conspiracy theories may be thrown my way…we never hear the end of this and I guess we never will!! Our fault, but naturally!) So they are both waddling off to pre-Nursery, but the difference is that while the Niece is in the non-crier’s group, my baby boy is in the crier’s group…still in the process of settling down! And their batch starts a bit later.

So, back to today’s chain of events: I took the EO along to drop off the YO at school. After that, we were going to watch a long-promised movie at Fame. Now the YO had started off with his wails the moment we tried to put his shoes and back-pack on him. The ayah and I just bundled him up and proceeded to the car where his screams got louder and more intense. You all know by now what a sensitive soul my EO is and I knew what kind of an effect the sobs must have been having on him. While trying to calm my YO, I looked out of the corner of my eye to steal a peek at my EO, and sure enough, his eyes were beginning to redden. We all got down in front of the school, where one of the teachers immediately came and took a sobbing, ‘Mamma’-screaming, breaking-Mamma’s-heart-wailing YO from my hands inside to his class. I stared teary-eyed at him, whispering silent and fervent prayers to the all Gods to take care of my little teddy bear. Suddenly, I felt two little arms wrap themselves tightly around me and a little body shaking with sadness. I looked down to see my EO’s head buried into my tum-tum, trying very hard to stifle his sobs. The administrator of KK was there and she was watching the sequence of events. She gently asked him what was wrong, and my gentle, precious, sensitive boy wailed, “I want my younger brother hooooooooooooommmmmeeee!” before dissolving into fresh sobs!

Oh baby! Oh baby, baby, baby! Bless your love and affection. Bless your brotherly bond. Bless you both…my jaan and my praan.


Mama - Mia said...

awww! big hugs to both of them and their wonderful mommy who loves them to bits!! :)

am sure YO will be dazzling everyone with his charm and smiles soon enough!



Still thinking said...

Awwwww, I love them both. Sweet EO, if I had a bro, I'd have definitely wanted him to be like you! And I want YO to be home too, OMG! he's sooo small.

noon said...

Happy birthday dear sweet YO! Keep us all entertained with lots of stories of your growing up! Mom simply loves you to bits and am sure you can reward her affection with giving her lots and lots of trouble - make her run around and tire her out by the end of the day! ;)
And I sure hope I get to meet you both some day! As well as the wonderful writer, your mom!