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Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday My Darling YO

My baby jaan, my sweet, my YO,

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there was a little Pixie who used to run about the Garden of the Gods. He was a naughty, playful little Pixie, running about under the bright sunlight and the clear, blue sky everyday. He was happiest when running about. He would try to catch raindrops in the palm of his hand; look for butterflies and birds to chase, and clouds to float on. His eyes sparkled with mischief and his laughter rang with delight. To see his eyes, was to bask in it's luminosity; to hear his laugh, was to feel it shake your bones.

The Gods and Goddesses loved this little Pixie very much, just like all Their other children.

One day, from amongst the clouds, the Gods showed the little Pixie a woman on Earth. She was praying to Them for a little baby. A healthy, happy baby who would complete her life; fill it with the gurgle of the babbling brook and the light of the twinkling stars. Run with enthusiastic abandon under the blue, cloud-filled sky and observe the rain as if in silent prayer. A baby to remind her about Gods' miracles and creation. And most importantly, a baby to cuddle and hold, to love and to cherish. A baby all her own.

The Gods and Goddesses looked at the little Pixie with a question in Their eyes. The Pixie answered back with a smile.

And that, my precious Pixie Prince, is how you came to me. Thank you endlessly, my little one, for choosing me to be your Mamma. My eternal thanks to all the Gods and Goddesses in heaven for blessing me with you.

You are a bundle of pure joy. The term 'with mischief sparkling in his eyes' was coined just for you. You are a joy to behold! Your delightful curls bounce when you run. You dance when there is music, you ask for an endless supply of 'biskee', you can play with your brother and cousins all day long and yet, you cuddle into my lap when you are sleepy.

You love your elder brother to bits...and trouble him no end! Having said that, you, my little pugilist, are ready to take on anyone you perceieve is trubling your big brother -- size not an issue. Case in point: last Sunday when we went to your brother's friend's birthday party and you saw the two of them engaged in a rather rough game of hug-and-squeeze. You immediately rushed to your bro's 'defence' and started pummeling the poor birthday boy with your tiny little fists, even though he was twice your size!

You are also head strong, stubborn, willful with a flaming temper to match. You definitely have a mind of your own and you don't back down. Good for you my baby! Don't let anyone push you around! I am happy you have this trait, even though I realise that it means clashing heads and battles of words with you as you get older.

But time enough for that, my little one. For now, you have just taken your first steps into pre-school. Quite frankly, and surprisingly I must admit, you are hating it. I thought you would be the one walking in with a smile on your face and without a second look back. Instead, they take you from my arms and you are gently, but firmly led in. All the while, you try to break free of their clasp, your head turned in my direction, the name 'Mamma' firmly upon your lips. I whisper back, "Mamma's right here darling, Mamma's right here."

And I always will be. Whether you're looking or not. I will stand by you so that you can see me and take reassurance from my presence. Whether you call out for me or not. I will always be within shouting distance; just call out for me and I will come running. Whether you want me or not. I will be there -- to be your strength, your comfort, your soft spot upon which to fall, the wind beneath your wings...I will be them all.

Mamma's right here.

Happy birthday, my YO. God bless you my baby -- forever and ever.

always and always,


Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Birthday dearf sweet YO. May God Bless you today & always.

pseudo intellectual said...

many happy returns to YO! *hug* to both mother and son :)

Mama - Mia said...

only you could have written such a beautiful letter MM.

happy birthday to YO! heres wishing him a life filled with love, hope, joy and YOU! :)



Anonymous said...

happy to the young one


Still thinking said...

Heartfelt b'day wishes and kisses to YO :)

And you woman are one helluva mother filled with emotions and love that is absolutely indescribable! Your words of love to your kids churn my heart.

Love to both of you :)

eve's lungs said...

Happy Birthday YO - may you grow up to be a big strong good person !

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Thank you my dear friends, for your wishes and blessings. Party post coming up soon!

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy Birhday dear YO (albeit tad belated). Wishing you loads of happiness and health always. :)
Visiting some friends out of town, M4, hence been out of the loop. Will get back tomorrow hope to catch the pary post :) And only you could have written such a lovely post :)