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Monday, July 21, 2008

Moments of Eternity

Here is a present for you
my child.
It is a gift
passed on to us
by Time
I give to you the joy
of a fresh new morning with
soft sunlight
and dew moist blades of grass.
I give to you the pleasure
of a starless sky
mosaiced with willful clouds
and a full moon
playing hide and seek with each other
in errant abandon.
I give to you the freshness
of a soft, gentle breeze,
redolent with the perfume of the jasmine flower.

Walk upon this Earth,
little child,
and learn to
and experience –
each of life’s myriad emotions.
A single smile
can capture a
fleeting moment of happiness.
A single drop of tear
can crystallize
an eternal feeling of sorrow.

I am not immortal
and neither are you,
but know,
that in the beauty of Nature
and the strength of feelings—
there is such a thing as Eternity.
It came with the gift of Life,
which I bequeath unto you.


Preeti Sharma said...

Poems about nature sometimes run the risk of being inane. This one is in no such danger. Beautifully written - love the merging of nature with time and eternity. Beautiful visual images. Very well written. If there is a suggestion at all that I may give, it'll be this - keep the visual imagery going till the end. It will only increase the joy of reading this.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Thanks sweetie. I wrote this for a college competition...when I didn't even have a boyfriend!! Much less kids. I won a prize for it too; not bragging, but just explaining why I don't want to touch this and rework it. Hope you understand. In the meanwhile though, I'll send you some of my purely and totally 'Nature' poetry. I hope you'll enjoy those!