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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Mornings Are Made of These

So my four-year-old is sitting on my lap, enjoying his morning cuddle. He then suddenly looks at me and in a rush of affection, pinches my cheek and says, "Mamma, you are like a roshogolla; sho shoft." I smile.

Then he pinches his own cheek and says, "I am alsho."

True, dat!


And in other news, I have finally succumbed to the joys of blasting small green pigs on my computer screen, much to the delight of my two little boys. These 'Angry Birds' are some serious shit! Addictive to boot!

But, what I find most entertaining is noting the looks of respect in my young 'uns' eyes grow bigger and bigger with each bruising, blasting and bombardment of green ham and bacon. With each level I cross, their little chests puff out just that much more. Hahaha! Fun!

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