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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday YO!!

My darling little YO,

You're four years old today! Do you know what that means, my sweet? It means your toddler days are now behind you. It means officially you are a big boy! It means that I am now a mamma of two big boys -- in other words, I am now an old lady and can proceed towards vanaprastham!

Ok, ok, my wrinkled skin, wheezing lungs and creaking joints aside, let's look at you my little dynamo.

Dynamo. That word describes you perfectly. You're a power-packed, high-energy, bundle of zip, zap and zoom. You are always up for a game or two...especially if those games involve running, jumping and yelling out loud.

And, fearless -- that's another word for you. Nothing seems to faze you; you run at a crazy speed, you do somersaults, you climb up and stand on the window sill and pretend you're Superman, and you love jumping from the steps which gives your dad quite a scare -- so you do it when he's not around! You've gotten quite good at it too, with all the practice that you've been sneaking in! You go about it pretty wisely too -- you started off by skipping the last step, which quickly became the last two, then three and now four. Last seen, you were trying for five. I like the way you go about it; smartly and not like a fool rushing in. You set your sights on the step, practice jumping from it over and over and over again, until you are absolutely confident and then once you are sure that you have thoroughly mastered it, you then set your heights higher. Those are two very important lessons you've taught yourself -- take things one at a time and practice makes perfect and I really hope you're like this about everything you choose to do in your life.

You know you're seriously skinny, right! In fact I call you my little shrimp, my chingri maach. Your father is very, very worried...but then what else is new, right? Ok, I am too, a bit, so will you please eat already?!?

You are so loving it actually takes my breath away. When you were younger, you were actually stingy with your hugs and kisses...the few you chose to dispense were usually meant for your father. And now, you are so, soooooo generous with your 'huggeejj and kisheejj' that you dole them out to one and all...even grannies, aunties and didis you've known for just a few hours. And your kisheejj! Oh, but they're the softest, gentlest, sweetest things on this Earth and they just make me greatly greedy for more! I can never have enough of them and your "I laab jyu's!" And luckily you're ever ready with a supply whenever I demand it. If I step out of the house even for five minutes, you throw your arms wide open and come running to me yelling, "Mammmaaaa...huggeeeeejjjjjj and kisheeeeeejjjjj bye-bye!!" It's the same when your brother leaves for school and your dad leaves for office.

I love the way you play. You're open to all kinds of games. When you're with your cousin sister, the two of you are busy playing House, Doctor, School and all sorts of other role-playing games. But of course once the big boys are home you're ready to be a super hero or Chota Bheem and of course fight with the EO over who gets to be Krishna. Often your games to save the world end up destroying the living room but your laughter makes my universe spin!

Oh, and this has to be recorded for posterity...when you grow up, you want to be Noddy!! How adorable are you? little pixie prince, my adorable imp, do you have any idea how much you've changed my life? You've filled it with energy, life-affirming laughter and precious, priceless laughter.

I am so, so, so blessed to be your Mamma.

Love you forever and ever and ever!

Your Mamma


R's Mom said...

happy birthday YO..have a great life ahead :)

Swaram said...

Wishing u a wonderful year ahead Dynamo :)

Sue said...

Happy birthday again, kiddo. May you always be this spunky.

noon said...

Happy birthday YO! Wow two birthday posts - nice - 7 & 4! Wow they are becoming big boys now! Can picture a super energetic bubbly boy from your post! Wishing him the very best!

Annie said...

awww, *thu,thu* Mashallah Mashallah.

Mama - Mia said...

belated yet very very hertfelt happy happy to YO! he is such a delight! and i hope to met him before he gets over kishes phase! :)